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The origin of the name Lusby is interesting. Like many names in Lincolnshire
it is Scandinavian in origin, possibly specifically Danish. In this area we
were in fact under Danish Law from the late ninth century possibly until as
late as the Norman conquest. The 'by' suffix in a place name is Old Danish
and means village (though in Denmark it specifically means 'homestead'). The
first part of the place name is usually a personal name or nick-name (or a
Scandinavianised English name), in the case of Lusby it is a Scandinavian
nick-name meaning 'bent' (from Old Norse 'Lutr' personal nick-name).  In the
Domesday book of 1086 Lusby is spelt Luzeby. The name Lusby as a patronymic
will have been acquired by people who were from Lusby. Surnames gradually
came into use in England during the thirteenth century.
Pauline Loven.

 Lusby's Mill, Kentucky, USA and more pictures at Grandma's Front Porch with a brief history here.

 Lusby Center - Kentucky ChristianCollege, Kentucky, USA

 Lusby Crossroads, Maryland, USA

 Lusby Island, Australia - Don't know ANYTHING about this place, but here's a description of Lusby's Land Grant, in the same area

Lusby, Lincolnshire, UK

Snipe Dales Wildlife Preserve, Lusby, Lincolnshire, UK

The Lusby Village church in Lincolnshire, UK.
The church is not normally open, but services are still held in this remote village church.

The following pictures of Lusby, Lincs were graciously provided by Pauline Loven of Lincoln, to whom the Webmaster is most grateful

High Street. This is about it (though there are a few more houses
across the main road). The houses are mostly mid 19th century estate houses.
Notice the coal delivery lorry.
Copyright (C) 2001 Pauline Loven.  Used by permission.

Lusby Methodist Church - rebuilt in 1842
Copyright (C) 2001 Pauline Loven.  Used by permission.

St Peter's Church. Dates back to the 11th century.
Copyright (C) 2001 Pauline Loven.  Used by permission

Church gate (how rural is that!)
Copyright (C) 2001 Pauline Loven.  Used by permission

Village Pump (disused)
Copyright (C) 2001 Pauline Loven.  Used by permission

Lusby Marsh, Nova Scotia

John Lusby Marsh, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, Canada
I would appreciate any information about this location, especially pictures, history, links.

 Lusby's Summer and Winter Palace Another place about which we need as much information as anyone can provide.

 Lusby Public Fishing Area, North Platte River, Wyoming, USA   And another one!

 Lusby, Maryland, USA - home of  Calvert Cliffs State Park

Cove Point Light Station, near Lusby, Maryland,
photo by Candace Clifford, 1995.